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Having a baby is somehow considered as one of the busiest things for woman as she cannot do any other things besides carrying her baby and looking after him or her. She cannot fulfill her tasks very well, and she can’t go shopping, go sightseeing or work comfortably. However, nowadays, it is not a concern anymore since creativity has eased the way we live from day to day. With the existence of baby carrier, mother does not need to worry anymore. She can carry her baby with two available hands for other tasks she wants to do.

If you are looking for a baby carrier for your newborns, infants or toddlers, you can go through the List Top 10 Best Baby Carriers in 2018 Reviews below.

1. Best Baby Carrier

1. Best Baby Carrier – The Mo+m Carrier

It is one of the best baby carriers, made of soft, natural cotton which can easily folded up in your diaper bag and washed by machine. Coming with a protective hood, it can cover your baby’s head and shield him or her from the sun. Unlike many other baby carriers, this Mo+m carrier features the ergonomic design which contributes to the healthy hip and spine development. Moreover, this baby carrier allows you to carry baby not only on your back but also on your chest and on your hip. It is a super comfortable baby carrier which will not strain your back, and your baby will also sleep comfortably in it! By the way, do not use it to carry children under four months!

2. Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier

Receiving a lot of five stars, this baby carrier is currently one of the top 10 best-selling baby carriers on Amazon. This Sash Mei Tai baby carrier features a wrap design for natural carrying styles, offering maximum comfort and flexibility. It does not make your back hurt, and it can help relieve shoulder pressure. Its buckles and straps can be easily adjusted to fit with the parent’s size. Additionally, this carrier has a detachable hood for protecting your baby from the sunlight or heat. It is much faster to put in, much easier to use and much cheaper to be purchased!

3. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original

It is a small and easy-to-use baby carrier which requires only a few simple adjustments to fit with the parents for perfect and secure carrying. It is easy to put on and take off, which can be made quickly. It is specially designed to provide proper support for baby’s head, neck, spine and hip, perfect for newborn and growing babies. With wide, padded shoulder straps, it offers you comfortable carrying you have ever expected. This baby carrier also allows two-way front carrying – inwards and outwards, and it also reinforces the closeness between you and your baby who is reassured by the warmth of your body and the sound of your heart and voice. Made of safe and tested materials, it is harmless for your baby who like to chew things

4. Infantino Swift Classic Carrier

This Swift baby carrier is the lightest and the most compact in their collection, specially designed for simplicity. It is extra compactable and easy-to-use. It can be easily folded, kept conveniently and washed by machine. Also, it consists of adjustable, padded shoulder straps which is comfortable to make any adjustments and to get baby in and out of the carrier. It has dual facing positions, making it a good option for travelling. It also has a padded head support for your baby.

5. ERGObaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier, Grey

5. ERGObaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier, Grey

It is composed of 100% Cotton Canvas shell and 100% Cotton Poplin lining. It has four versatile ways to carry your baby. You can carry your baby at the back, above your hip, in front inward and in front outward. It can carry the baby with weight ranging from 7 to 33 pounds. Moreover, it has a strap which can keep the waist strap closed securely and the Velcro which make its super adjustable. With the maximum comfort, this carrier allows you to carry your baby comfortably for a long period of time, and you just do not feel backach

6. Infantino Flip Front 2 Back Carrier

It is considered as one of the top 10 best baby carriers due to some special features. First, it features BreatheMesh which enables greater airflow. Second is its adjustable lumbar support which helps in relieving shoulder pressure. Third is the included Wonder cover bib which protects your carrier and your clothes. There is also extra padded straps for easy adjustment and ultimate comfort. This baby carrier allows three ways of carrying positions – facing-in, facing-out and backpack.

7. Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

It is usable for newborn to toddler, whose weight is from 7 to 35lbs or 3.5 to 16kg. Like some baby carriers mentioned above, it offers multiple carrying positions such as front facing in and out, back and hip. This Beco Gemini baby carrier makes breastfeeding possible by just loosening the shoulder straps. Furthermore, it features wide padded shoulder straps for all-day comfort, adjustable chest strap for even weight distribution, safety buckles for preventing accidental opening, and wide padded waist belt for lumbar support.

8. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One

This multifunctional baby carrier offers 3 front carrying positions and one back carrying position. It features generously padded shoulder straps and waist belt for pressure relieving. Also, it is made from durable and soft fabric, providing soft and strong quality. It can help provide close contact between you and your baby in optimal newborn position. It will be the long-lasting baby carrier you will ever buy!

9. Pognae Baby Carrier

Made of high-quality materials along with ergonomic design, it is a good baby carrier to be considered. It features breathable air mesh shoulder straps which is easy to adjust to different people. Its patented mesh cooling vent is a special feature which can keep your baby cool, especially in summer. It also has the sleeping hood that neatly tucks into zippered pocket. It is comfortable and durable, allowing to carry it everywhere. Although it is not a well-known brand, it is a nice product suggested by many reviewers who rated it five stars on Amazon. It will be a comfortable baby carrier in which you baby wishes to be carried.

10. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Miracle

Not much different from the two BABYBJORN baby carriers above, it is made of safe and tested materials to ensure the high quality of it. It is easy to use with convenient adjustments in front. It also has back support and padded waist belt which provides optimal comfort right through from newborn to 15 months. Only two-way front carrying is available, but it offers maximum comfort. It is washable and adjustable to growing baby.


In conclusion, these are the top 10 best baby carriers which should be considered if you want to have a high-quality baby carrier for your lovely son or daughter. They are currently the best-sellers which have received so many five stars from the viewers, showing the great appreciations of the users. In case you are interested, you can purchase it on Amazon!

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