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 hope you will be agree with me when i say

Baby bottle warmer is necessity to prepare suitable hot water or milk for the litter toddlers.

Isn’t it?

Majority of parents have adopted this gadget not as a luxury but as a must to have.

You might not want to get up at night and go to kitchen to boil or tap water to run hot. Rather having a bottle warmer will be much easier than waiting for a kettle to boil water in middle-of-the night feeds. You won’t like to stand there swirling hot water around a bottle while your baby is crying and hungry.

Keeping this thing in mind we crafted this list of best bottle warmer to help you pick the right one. As the market is saturated with number of brands and models and picking the perfect one can be a challenging task for you. So, to avoid this difficulty of identifying the top bottler warmer for you according to your budget, needs and lifestyle you need to go through these best bottle warmer reviews.

Featured Bottle Warmers Reviews 2019

We looked at portable/travel and counter-top models and products which typically use hot water or steam to heat the bottle and its contents. So we picked only those models which are worth your consideration.

1)Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer – The best travel/portable baby bottle warmer

The best portable bottler warmer is Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer. If we compare this particular model with other models then others won’t work without electricity but this one works and that’s the unique feature which makes it portable to take anywhere to do multiple warms without the need of electricity.

The Tomme Tippee travel bottle and food warmer doesn’t need any electricity and it’s the perfect solution for the babies on the go.

You might be thinking of how does it works? Well it requires the water to be boil for and pour it into the thermal container and then fasten the lid. That’s simple you are good to go. Whenever there is a need of warming the baby bottle simple pour the water into the plastic reservoir and simply place the bottle inside.

The good thing here is the thermal container which will keep the water hot for up to ten hours. In addition the plastic reservoir also acts as a lid for the thermal container, which makes it small and portable bottle warming package.

It takes about 4 minutes to heat the milk or formula to a safe temperature of about 100 °F, though there is not timer, setting or auto shut-off with which you can play. To achieve the best heating time is through old fashioned trial and error. Keep in mind that gradually the water temperature will reduce and longer it’s in the thermal container, the longer warming times can be expected.

The produce can easily fit into the small travel bag as it’s measurements are 7.8″ x 4.0″ x 4.0″.You have to carry the bottles separately. But considering the price, we couldn’t really expect baby bottles to be included in the package.

Furthermore, you can only heat one bottle before you can replace the boiling water. Another miner snag to this bottle warmer is that the plastic reservoir might get hot and won’t be able to touch during the warming process.

Fortunately, the pouring won’t be difficult and will be done safely due to the small circular hole in the lid. It provides an accurate and small water funnel which minimizes the burns risk or spills.

Overall, this portable warming solution is the best. Cleverly designed and inexpensive travel model is ideal for parents who wants to go out for few hours with their baby and yes with this good bottle warmer too.


  • Price tag is inexpensive
  • Features an auto shut-off feature
  • Compatible with wide range of bottles sizes and shapes
  • Brings basket and lit accessories to easily handle jars and pacifiers
  • Delivers safe warming results compared with all other bottle warmers that uses steam


  • Water refilling to the reservoir for every turn of warming water
  • You can use exact amount of water required or the warmer will boil dry before the bottle or jar contents have heated

2)The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer – The number 1 budget baby bottle warmer

If there is any popular bottle warmer then its none other than First Years Quick server bottle warmer. It’s unique and simple design explains why it is and it’s affordable price is another reason for it’s popularity making it a good choice for warming your babies milk, formula or food.

A common issue which many bottle warmers have to deal with is the compatibility with wide bottles.

But First Years Quick Serve Bottle warmer is has dealt with this issue and allows you to use bottles of any size and of any brand. Even you are free to use bottles by Tommy Tippee without worried about the compatibility.

Warming milk with First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer simple and easy. Simply fill the measuring vial with water to the desired level and then pour into the reservoir. After that start the streaming process simply by placing the bottle inside and press the large horizontal button.

This bottle warmers works very fast and will warm the milk in no time. You will get the signal of the end of process by the button light, with a auto shut-off function. It’s also equipped with a basket and a lit of that basket which is handy for handling jars and for sterilizing pacifiers.

To get the right water levels you needs to play for a moment with it to get the right amount of steam time which can then heat the milk without damaging it. It’s a necessary evil which plagues almost every bottle warmer, so in case you are not ready to risk such an issue you better get a bottle warmer which comes with a different heating method.

While you have got the perfect water level, which is not that difficult task then simply keep following the manual and you will get reliable results every time. Make sure that you refill the reservoir after each use.

Overall, the First Years Quick Server bottle warmer is reliable and priced unit which delivers fast and safe results. It’s easy to use and easy to clean, does bring number of accessories which helps you handle the different items you wanted to warm.


  • Price tag is inexpensive
  • Features an auto shut-off feature
  • Compatible with wide range of bottles sizes and shapes
  • Brings basket and lit accessories to easily handle jars and pacifiers
  • Delivers safe warming results compared with all other bottle warmers that uses steam


  • Water refilling to the reservoir for every turn of warming water
  • You can use exact amount of water required or the warmer will boil dry before the bottle or jar contents have heated

3)Phillips AVENT Bottle Warmer – Safe warming solution

The most affordable bottle warmer in our list is  Phillips AVENT Bottle Warmer which utilizes the water bath heating method.

This minimalist design and egg shaped makes it well suited to a modern kitchen. Looks match functionality as Phillips have manufactured this bottle warmer which is super easy to use.

Just place the bottle and the fill the reservoir with the required water to the top of bottle without worry about measurement and then turn the dial to the application setting, turn it on and you are good to go. There are multiple settings available on the dial which includes milk warming, defrost and foor warming.

The warmer opening is quiet large to cater number of bottle sizes so you might not have to worry if a certain brand will fit inside or not.

Whereas, the simplicity can be taken too far, and same is with AVENT. It lacks one crucial feature which is the auto shut-off. Blinking LED allows you to check if the bottle is ready or not. Which requires you to be stick around the bottle warmer when the cycle ends or risk overheating the milk.

If your timing is on point then the warming results are perfect, the process of warming might take 6 minutes rather than 3 minutes which is stated by Phillips. Typical of a safe water bath heating method, the temperature of milk to be stable and won’t increase from the threshold and preserving the nutrients.

Overall, this bottle warmer performs bit slowly which is against the advertised timing and lacks auto shut-off feature. Though it warms the milk in a safer way but with the above mentioned snags it’s hard for us to recommend this product.


  • Heats milk formula safely and evenly
  • Comes in an affordable price tag
  • Doesn’t creates any compatibility issues with other size and shape of bottles
  • No need to measure amount of water used
  • Offers a defrost feature in addition to heating
  • Very easy to use


  • Its slower than a steam warmer and water warmers available in the market like Kiinde Kozii
  • Lacks timer
  • Lacks auto shut-off feature
  • After each use you need to refill the water reservoir

4)Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer – The best steam baby bottle warmer

This fast and safe bottle warmer uses steam as the heating mechanism. With the LDC control panel you can easily programs the Dr. Brown Bottle warmer for different sized bottles. The outstanding safety feature makes it the highly recommended bottle warmer.

The auto shut-off will kick in if the botter warmer hasn’t been used for 10 minutes. It uses flashing lights and alarm to alert when the cycle is over, so you can move around without worrying about the warmer and giving it your attention.  It’s also equipped with a basket mechanism which helps you to remove the hot bottle, pacifier or food jar easily without getting your hands burned.

Then we have a lid mechanism which gives complete protection from the steam and we found no reports or issues of long bottles being unable to fit.

As it’s a steam model so you might be thinking of milk would get overheat, causing damage to nutrients but in a test it pleasantly surprised that the milk reached to 102F maximum temprature before the auto shut-off kicked in. This is ideal temperature for warmed milk which doesn’t damage the nutrients.

Furthermore, the Dr. Brown Bottle Warmer will also remember the last timer settings allowing you to easily replicate your results throughout the day in case the same bottle is being used again and again.

The major drawback of Dr. Brown is that it cannot accommodate wider bottles. Specifically brands like Tommee Tippee bottles might not fit in the reservoir. The second minor snag is that the reservoir is pretty hard to clean.

Final Words

Overall, Dr. Brown provides several convenient features and slew of safety which makes it highly recommended. It does creates issue with wider bottles but that can be compromised if you are ready to use specific bottles for this warmer. It provides fast and safe warming results, and will be helpful while your baby cries at 3 am in the morning. Though it’s a bit expensive but checks the marks that needed to be checked.


  • LCD panel makes it easy to program with save setting fuction for timer
  • Allows you to heat number of bottles without even getting cool down or refill the reservoir
  • Heats bottle contents in 4-5 minutes
  • Comes with an auto shut-off feature
  • Features an audible alarm and flashing diaplay while the cycle ends
  • Safety lid to contain steam
  • Safely heats bottles as long as you follow the instruction


  • Bit more expensive than other bottle warmers
  • The reservoir is bit difficult to clean
  • Cannot accommodate extra-wide bottles like Tommee Tippee and comotomo bottles

5)Munchkin High-Speed Bottle Warmer – A fast heating bottle warmer

As the name suggest the  Munchkin High-Speed Bottle Warmer is in fact the fastest bottle warmer available in the market.

It takes about 90 seconds for a midrange bottle to warm it up using the steam system and roughly 3 minutes for larger bottles. With this impressive warming speed you can quickly prepare the milk for your crying baby.

In case you are using the plastic bottle then keep in mind that the bottle themselves can get very hot and even it can meld them which might release chemicals into your babies milk. Many users have also reported burn marks on the bottles milk got too hot to handle. Heating this much can destroy the nutrients of breast milk.

Munchkin have created this high-speed bottle warmer but at the expense of safety and health.

Though it features auto shut-off, timer but these positives just don’t offset the serious concerns already mentioned.

It’s only recommended due to heating formula or food, which are both less sensitive to high temperature. Fittingly, Munchkin features an adapter ring and a separate basket to help handle smaller bottles and jars.

Unfortunately, the fast heating times makes it to grad more attention and customers but once you become enlighten the dangers it brings you might surprise and won’t even look at this bottle warmer. Safety is priority so better off sticking to slower but safer models.


  • Price tag is affordable
  • Accommodates to different shapes and size bottles
  • Takes half the time of most other warmers like GOLOHO, Kiinde Kozii or First Year Warmers
  • Gives auto shut-off feature
  • You don’t need to refill it for second or multiple use


  • Brings safety and health hazards
  • Has been known to overheat bottles and cause melting and burns
  • Has high tendency to overheat or unevenly heat breast milk

6)Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer – The best baby bottle warmer

Best Baby Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer

This breast milk warmer and bottle warmer does the job of heating the water perfectly by the use of convection technology to circulate water around your babies milk.

It uses a reservoir design which fills the water bath under the bottle. As soon as it heats up, it rises and circulates around the bottle from outside, heating the contents evenly and preventing any dreaded hot spots. If by chance water level gets too high, an overflow valve is available at the top which sends it back to reservoir. An auto shut-off is triggered once the timer is complete and the water drains back to the reservoir allowing you to use it again.

We warmed the breast milk by reading the manuals instructions and it took about 6 minutes. The temperature never exceeded 92 °F which ensures the water is perfectly warm and safe – no milk nutrients are destroyed at this temperature.

For warming the breast milk and formula you can do specific settings to the bottle warmer. For thawing frozen formula or breast milk you can use the defrost tool which makes it easier to warm the milk. You might need to play a bit with settings depending upon the size and of bottle and materials before you find the perfect combination.

There is a Safe heat technology feature of Kiinde Kozzi which allows safely heating breast milk or formula, as thereby preserving all the nutrients and this feature is the reason for the popularity of this bottle warmer.

The only snag this bottle warmer brings is that the audible warning which signals the end of a cycle is not much loud. So the recommendation for you is to stick around to ensure that the timer goes off.

Safety and health both are guaranteed while using Kiinde Kozii and the manufacturer states that this particular bottle warmer model is the first one which follows the guidelines established by the Center of Disease Control and the United States Department of Agriculture which ensures safety thaw of warm breast milk. This step of the company shows their dedication towards the product and customers.

The Kiinde Kozii weighs about 1.5lbs which is lightweight. It’s also compact and can accommodate easily both the narrow and wide mouth bottles and baby food jars. In fact, it’s one size fits all solution  which makes it all the way the best bottle warmer 2019.

Final Words

Overall, the Kinnde Kozzi comes with a handful of features like patent-pending technology and safety features which makes it the best bottle warmer of 2020.It’s much easier to use and provides unparalleled results. With that said, it’s a worthwhile investment of your money.


  • Auto shut-off feature comes with a timer.
  • Monitors the water level automatically and adjusts according to the requirement.
  • Safe heating method for preservation of nutrients of breast milk.
  • Reservoir holds enough water which can be utilized 10 times repeatedly.
  • Can heat bottles consecutively without getting cool down.
  • Multiple settings for different bottles and liquids.
  • Follows government safety guidelines.


  • Audible warning is very dim while the cycle ends.
  • Price tag expensive

7)Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer and Cooler – Excellent option for night feeds

The Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer and Cooler comes with unique features and abilities which makes it a stand out as one of the top-rated products in our list.

While many pure steam based bottle warmers destroy the nutrients of breast milk, the Born Free true-temp is not like that it uses water and steam which helps to keep the milk at a safe temperature and won’t cause degradation of nutrients.

The Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer and Cooler is equipped with a temperature ceiling which never let the milk exceeds unsafe temperature levels. It gives quick heating of milk with steam and doesn’t damage the nutrients.

There is a water bath in this bottle warmers which heats breast milk and formula both and makes sure that there is not hot spot. While other bottle warmers will shutoff after the water runs out in the unit, but this model provides a control dial from which you can easily set the timer dependent on the bottle size. You have to follow instructions only given with this warmer.

Except heating milk safely, the Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer and Cooler also saves your time while heating multiple bottles.

A potentially headache inducing task is made an easy feat due to the cool-down period which takes only 3 minutes between each heating cycle. If you could notice this is the minimum time taken by any bottle warmer to cool down. In addition, the reservoir only requires one refill for the whole day so no need to refill that after each bottle. The last but the best thing is that this bottle warmers will remember your previous settings allowing you to automatically set them next time for exact results.

A minor snag to this bottle warmer is that it doesn’t brings a sound indicator with the auto shut-off feature, so you need to stick around as you don’t want to risk the milk cooling down, the water reservoir is small so cleaning it might be a bit challenging task.

But other than this minor drawback, this bottle warmer features cooler with two freezer packs. You can keep the formula or milk chilled for about 8 hours, which makes it convenient for your baby night feeds and removes the need for a walk to freezer. But with this inclusion the size of bottle warmer definitely increases and the price too.

Overall, this bottle warmer is not inexpensive, but it’s reliable and easy to use. Capable to heat multiple bottles in a row. A nice inclusion of freezer packs which helps at night feeding makes it an ideal bottle warmer for the parents who are happy to pay for extra features like these.


  • There is a control dial with which you can select bottle size and let the warmers does the rest
  • Can easily accommodate a wide range of bottles, formulas containers and jars
  • The reservoir only needs to be refilled one a day
  • The cooler attachment with this warmer helps to keep bottles and formula cool for about eight hours
  • Timer is a nice inclusion
  • Steam and water combination allows controlled heating which surely protects breast milk and heats formula evenly


  • No sound indication with the auto shut-off feature on the end of cycle
  • Size of the bottle warmer is larger and takes some extra space on surface compared with others

8)GOLOHO Baby Bottle Warmer – Stainless steel warming chamber with cleaning tools

The GOLOHO baby bottle warmer is another great bottle warmer which brings great features with it. It uses stainless steel warming chamber which is pretty amazing part of this bottle warmer, it conducts thermal energy far more efficiently compared with any regular plastic chamber you see in different bottle warmers. This effectively distributes heat more evenly resulting in a warming process which easily eliminates the hot spots.

Another excellent feature is its inbuilt sensor which helps monitoring the temperature and maintains the safer temperature levels automatically which helps preserving the nutrients in the milk.

This bottle warmer brings it’s cleaning tools in the form of a cleaning cloth and bottle brush. The stainless steel design makes it surprisingly easy to clean this warmer and easily get the job done with provided tools.

The major drawback to this bottle warmer is that it lacks auto shut-off feature, audible alert signal on cycle completion and the timer. This is the only reason this bottle warmer has taken this lower spot in our list.

This bottle warmer requires a timer on hand like AVENT bottle warmer by Phillips so you can make note of the best time which works for you.

Considering the lacking and advancements this is the solid bottle warmer for baby milk.It’s an ideal recommendation for those parents who want the ease of use and can ignore the features it lacks.


  • Price tag is budget
  • 3 temperature controls
  • Comes with a cleaning cloth and a bottle brush which makes it easy to clean
  • Design is compact enough that it requires small place to keep
  • Stainless steel warming chamber is a great inclusion and gives great thermal conductivity and warming


  • Takes 7 minutes to heat the milk which is slow
  • Lacks aut shut-off and timer
  • Creates compatibility issues with wide-base and wide-neck bottles
  • Lacks audible alerts upon the completion of cycle

9)Maxx Elite Smart Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer – Flexible and effective value for money

The  Maxx Elite Smart Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer comes with three warming settings which are sterilize, express warm and gentle warm. In between them they offer impressive flexibility in regards to heating speeds.

The gentle warm function of this bottle warmer is amazing. It will heat the bottle about 104F which is safe and will transition to a steady warm mode which after that maintains the temperature of the machine for up to 4 hours. For night feeds it’s super convenient and can prepare the bottles of babies in advance before heading off to bed.

Similarly the express mode, heats the bottle content faster than other modes at higher temprature. It’s recommended to use this setting only for formula or jars of baby food.

Then we have sterilize mode which heats the bottle contents up to 212F which kills any kind of germs and bacteria in bottles, nipples and pacifiers.

The time required for heating is different in each mode, like the gentle warm takes about 9-15 minutes, the express warm takes abut 6 minutes for heating up. At no point did the gentle warming process cause the temperature to reach to unsafe levels, which ensures the nutrients of baby milk will not be damaged. Though these are very long warming times if we compare them with other models of bottles warmers, even for express settings, but paying for that bottle warmer which safely warms the milk is a good choice.

The only drawback to  Maxx Elite Smart Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer is its design. You might not see any measurements marks on the reservoir which allows you to note the water levels and hence you have to see them manually. Furthermore, if you are using a tall bottle, the lid won’t close which is important for the working of  Maxx Elite Smart Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer.

The Maxx Elite features additional safety in its auto shut-off function. It will shut off if it detects overheating, if the water is low or at the end of a particular sterilization cycle.

On the completion of cycle, the green LED light which is connected with the settings you are using will change from blinking to solid. The way this bottle warmer works, the auto shut-off allows this bottle warmer to give gentle warming or sterilizing process. It’s recommended to stick around the bottle warmer if you are using express settings because the overheating may occur after a long usage.

Overall, the  Maxx Elite Smart Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer gives gentle and steady warm functionality which heats the milk to a safe temperature ans preserving the nutrients. It can continuously warms for hours at a time. Feature like this makes this bottle warmer an ideal unit for night feeds where pre-warmed milk is a necessity. Last but not least this warmer is worth spending your money.


  • Several heating options
  • Good value for the money
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • With steady warm you can get optimal temperature for up to four hours
  • Safe heating method
  • Safety lid to contain steam


  • No measurement marks on the water reservoir
  • For the larger bottles the lid won’t close
  • Takes longer time than most bottle warmers to warm the milk

10)Baby Brezza Safe & Smart – High tech solution with remote control

This modern bottle warmer by Baby Brezza is a fantastic product by this brand which is known to the world for making best digital products and in this product they have combined both functionalities which are typically seen one in each bottle warmer and it’s warming with steam and water both. So Baby Brezza safe and Smart allows you to warm the bottle according to your desired method either with water or with steam.

The ‘steady warm’ mode uses a water bath which heats the contents of the bottle gradually, and is perfect for the breast milk and doesn’t damage the nutrients.

If you want to heat jars of baby food or formula you might get the ‘quick warm’ mode which generally uses steam for warming. About 2 to 6 minutes are taken by each mode but the latter use is quicker than the first one. You can also get a convenient defrost mode.

You might have known much about the safe part now it’s time to know a bit about the smart part. This comes in the form of the integrated Bluetooth technology. You just need to download the app which is free from voila, then simply control the warmer remotely. Using your phone you can set a timer, turn the unit on, and when a cycle is completed you will be notified on your phone.

A major drawback to this modern bottle warmer is it’s weight and size. As it does job using water and steam so this leads to a big size and bulky weight. It takes a little more counter-top space compared with all other bottle warmers. It also uses lid mechanism which might create an issue fitting in extra tall bottles.

The reservoir measurements can be hard to read. But it will be disservice to concentrate on these little drawbacks as the warmers does the great job of warming the bottles.

Overall, the Baby Brezza Safe and Smart is in reality the safe and smart one. It delivers 2 solutions to tackle one problem and a hefty price tag too but it’s considerable if you are much worried about the safety and smartness of this bottle warmer.


  • Gives two heating modes and delivers milk warmness safely
  • Allows to be used by remotely through App and receive an alert when its ready
  • Features alert, timer and auto shut-off feature
  • You can follow the instructions written on the back side of warmer
  • To contains the steam inside there is a safety lid


  • Reservoir measurement levels need to be more highlighted
  • Expensive price tag
  • Correct amount of water has to be measured out for each use
  • Weight is not light as it’s 2.3 lbs

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