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A Review Of The Best T-Shirt Heat Press Machines In 2020

People all over the world enjoy using the best silicone baking mats. Many people also like custom printed T-shirts for many reasons. They are also comfortable. They also come in a plethora of interesting designs that improve the outlook of their wearers. If you are one of them, you can easily make your custom products for personal or commercial use. All you need is a quality design and one of the best T-shirt heat press machines available online.

T-shirt heat press machines are powerful devices for printing T-shirts and other household or office items. They outmatch other techniques in terms of quality. Their programmable and automated systems transfer quality prints that do not fade or smudge over time. They are also durable and recommended for commercial use because of their impressive speed. Here is a detailed review of the 10 best brands in 2018 for both hobbyists and professionals.Check Price

  • Digital
  • Frame
  • Power
  • Size

1. PowerPress Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press

PowerPress Digital is an advanced sublimation heat press with a spacious 15×15-inch design. Perfect for making custom T-shirts, its performance is desirable. The 1800-watt element that it has, for instance, heats fast and evenly. It also has a 110-volt electrical system and a bare metal heated platen with its share of pros. You will like its longevity. The platen does not degrade as fast as some low-grade ones often do. It also distributes heat evenly and has a Teflon-coated platen that distributes pressure evenly when transferring your prints. This prevents smudges. The quality of the T-shirts or mats that it produces is also excellent.

Are you looking for a versatile sublimation heat press that you can customize to satisfy your needs? PowerPress Digital is one of the best. It has an adjustable temperature range (0-750F). This enables you to work on many types of materials (t-shirts and ceramics) with good results. It also has an adjustable timer (0-999 seconds) and an adjustable pressure. This enables you to transfer prints and or silhouettes on materials of different thicknesses.

Most poorly designed T-shirt heat presses in web stores do not last long. If you have such a product that you want to replace, PowerPress Digital is a good option. It is a durable item. You also get a dependable heat press with a glued-down Teflon and an industrial-grade system. You do not have to worry about it warping, overheating, and or breaking down over the years.

Are you shopping for a multi-functional t-shirt heat press for day-to-day use? You will never regret buying this digitized heat press from PowerPress for several reasons. Its advanced upward opening design handles most transfer jobs well. You can use it to apply images and characters on T-shirts. It is also one of the best for printing on ceramics or jigsaw puzzles.

Our Verdict

The T-shirt printing business has increased in popularity worldwide because of its profitability. If you are planning to start one, do not use one of the dated screen printing techniques that people used in the past. A good sublimation press such as PowerPress will improve your competitive advantage. Its digital system is easy to use. Once you have set your preferred time and temperature, it does the remaining for you. The Teflon coated platen that you get is also one of the best. It distributes heat well. It also lowers the risk or burning t-shirts. 


  • Versatile upward-opening design
  • Teflon coated platen board
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Electronic timer (0-999 seconds)
  • Adjustable temperature (0-750F)


  • Low-quality power cord
  • Poor customer service

2. Fancierstudio Powerpress Digital Heat Press

With Fancierstudio Powerpress, you get a brand new sublimation heat press with a powerful 1800-watt system. If this does not meet your commercial printing needed, then no product on our list will. Buy one to enjoy the following benefits. First, this heat press heats fast. This makes it ideal for transferring images or characters to large batches of clothing. The 15×15-inch sheet that you get is also ideal. It distributes heat well. It also has a heat-resistant design.

Fancierstudio Powerpress has a well-engineered silicone rubber base. Unlike some models that char or warp over time, this material is durable. It also has a smooth and well-finished surface that distributes both pressure and heat well whilst transferring prints. This enables its users to work with most types of fabrics. It also delivers good results devoid of skill level.

This heat press transfers images and or prints on most materials. If you have a clothing business, for instance, you can use it to make high-quality custom T-shirts effortlessly. You can also use it to transfer images to bags, ceramic tiles, or computer accessories such as mouse pads. The process is straightforward. You do not need a lot of training to operate it.

This digitized PowerPress heat press from Fancierstudio has many desirable features. In addition to its quality of construction, most people like its adjustable temperature range (0-699F). You can customize its performance to match the material in your possession. It also has a digitized timer (0-999 seconds) and a pressure adjustable system that performs well.

Our Verdict

Are you upgrading your T-shirt printing business? To get a high-performance digital press that will improve your output and productivity, buy Fancierstudio. This is a powerful (1800 watts) professional-grade accessory. It also has a sturdy frame and electronic controls (time and temperature) that boost its performance. Buy yours today. You will work faster. You will also get excellent results daily. Pros

  • Powerful system (1800 watts)
  • Spacious platform (15×15-inches)
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Electronic time control
  • Adjustable pressure settings


  • Inconsistent heating

3. Mophorn 5-in-1 Sublimation Heat Press

Are you tired of the cumbersome screen-printing technique that you use to make custom t-shirts at home? To take production to the next level without hiring more staff or outsourcing printing services, buy a Mophorn heat press. Recommended for day-to-day image transfer, you get a versatile 5-in-1 device that is perfect for printing t-shirts. With one, you can easily make custom printed T-shirts for personal or commercial use. It is also one of the best T-shirt heat presses for printing baseball caps, ceramic plates, ceramic tiles, and coffee mugs.

Its versatility aside, you will like the performance of this T-shirt heat press. This is because of the quality platform that it has. Fitted with a 4/5-inch thick heating board, for instance, it not only heats up fast but also distributes heat evenly. This translates to faster and quality transfers devoid of the material you are working on. You also get a durable platen press element with a non-stick Teflon coating. The risk of it burning or damaging fabrics is slim.

To get clean and smudge-free prints, the heat press that you use should have a flat and non-slip surface that secures garments well. It should also distribute pressure equally to prevent hot and cold spots from damaging your design. Even though most heat presses offer these benefits, this model goes the extra mile. It has a flat, solid, and level platform. It also has an adjustable multi-spring balancer that distributes pressure evenly across its platen.

This heat press is easy to use. Its plug and use design, for instance, is convenient. You will not struggle to set it up whilst working on a personal or commercial project. Its swing-away design is also easy to use. You can adjust it over a 360-degree axis to load and remove T-shirts easily. You can also detach its lower platform to fit large or bulky items such as mugs.

Our Verdict

Talking about the best heat press machines in 2018, the performance of Mophorn has attracted it many positive reviews. If you are tired of preparing screens and using squeegees to print T-shirts, this is the best alternative. Its 5-in-1 design prints t-shirts, cups, and mugs efficiently. Its thick heating board distributes heat well, while its advanced swing-away design is safe to use in small spaces. 


  • Multifunctional design (5-in-1)
  • Comfortable handle (24.5-inches)
  • 360-degree swing-away design
  • Detachable lower platform
  • 4/5-inch thick heating board


  • Low-grade power cord
  • Poor customer service

4. Fancierstudio DG Heat Press

Heat presses have eased how people make custom TR-shirts and household items such as cups and mugs. If you are in this line of business, Fancierstudio DG Heat Press is one of the best to use. Retailing in black, it has a stylish outlook. Power output is around 1800 watts. Finally, its universal 110-volt electrical system works with most standard outlets. You do not have to update the electrical system in your home to use one. Because it has a digitized system with an advanced sublimation technology, its performance is also desirable.

Brand new, this heat press comes ready to use. You do not have to set up complex parts to get it work. Moreover, most people find its advanced system enjoyable to use. You can fit and prints on surfaces measuring up to 15×15-inches. Its platform is also durable and fitted with a non-stick Teflon coat that distributes pressure and heat on most fabrics evenly.

Do you have a limited space in your home or office? Fancierstudio DG is one of the best heat presses to use. Even though powerful and better equipped than comparable brands, it has a compact and clutter-free design. You can use it in tight spaces without problems.

Do not buy many heat presses for doing different types of printing jobs. Buy Fancierstudio DG instead to get a versatile all-in-one device that delivers professional results. With one, for instance, the transfer of images to T-shirts and other pieces of clothing is a breeze. You can also use it to transfer images or characters on bags, mouse pads, and ceramics easily.

Our Verdict

Do you have a small office or garage where you print T-shirts? To work well without compromising quality or safety, you need a quality heat press such as Fancierstudio DG. This is a space-efficient accessory. It works well in both tight and large areas. It is also durable and has a feature-rich design that meets the needs of most people. You will like its Teflon-coated platen, for instance. It distributes heat well to optimize the transfer of images. Its powerful element (1800 watts) and time and heat controls are also valuable. They ease its usage. Pros

  • Space-efficient design
  • Durable silicone gel baseboard
  • Electronic heat and time control
  • Teflon-coated platen
  • 1800-watt element


  • Transfers poorly on vinyl

5. Mophorn Digital Swing Away Heat Press

Mophorn is a reputable brand with exceptional products. This swing-away heat press, for instance, has attracted a lot of attention for years now because of its quality. Buy one to get a sturdy printing press made of solid steel. The material withstands abuse well. The risk of it warping or breaking under stress is slim. You will also like the 12×10-inch element that this heat press has. Even though smaller than those found in some presses, it generates and distributes heat well, which is ideal. You will get quality results on a day-to-day basis.

This is a convenient heat press. If you own a complex brand that needs a lot of skill to use, replace it with this one. Its swing-away design eases loading and removal of T-shirts. By swinging over a wide arc (360-degree), it also orients its heating element at a safe distance. The risk of burning yourself is low. Finally, its elevated lower platen fits most bulky items.

To transfer characters and images on T-shirts, good pressure control is vital. Low pressure often leads to smudging. High pressure, on the other hand, damages both the designs and fabrics of people. Mophorn Digital heat press lacks these issues. The full-range pressure adjustment knob that it has is ideal. You can adjust its thickness easily to match your fabric.

Most heat presses only work with garments such as T-shirts. Even though effective, their stripped-down designs lower the productivity and profitability of people in business. If you own such as product, consider replacing it with Mophorn Digital Swing Away heat press. This product is affordable. It is also durable and has a multi-functional design that transfers images to most surfaces. These include sheet metals, ceramics, wood, and even glass.

Our Verdict

Heat presses boost the productivity of most businesses. This does not mean that any random brand will serve you well. Look for a trusted product such as Mophorn instead. Its digitized swing away design performs well in most areas. It is also durable, easy to setup, and has a high-performance design with an array of innovative features. Its elevated platen, for instance, fits most items. You can also customize its pressure, time, and temperature easily for the best results. Pros

  • Pressure adjustment knob (full range)
  • Swing-away design
  • Elevated lower platen
  • Rigid steel frame


  • Warps over time

6. F2C Pro 5-in-1 Digital Heat Press

Multi-functional t-shirt heat press machines are in high demand globally. If you are looking for one on a budget, we have a good option for you – F2C Pro. This black-themed heat press has five top-of-the-range elements. The Teflon-coated platen you get is not only spacious (12×150-inches) but also sturdy. It is also durable and has a non-stick Teflon coating that distributes heat evenly whilst in use. If you print caps, its curved 6×3-inch hat and cap press works well. Finally, it has 15-inch and 26-inch plate presses and a 13-3.5-inch mug press.

Unlike what most people think, you do not need a large heat press to get quality results. Compact and streamlined models such as F2C Pro have their share of benefits. Buy one to get a clutter-free heat press that works well in tight space. Whether you want a new heat press for use in your basement or office, this product delivers. It is also stable and has a highly accessible platen for easy loading of T-shirts, caps, and plates. This item works well.

F2C Pro 5-in-1 Digital has many advanced features. Its swing-away design (360-degrees), for instance, is not only space efficient, but also fun to use. You do not have to exert a lot of energy to lift and close it. It also has an ergonomic handle with a comfortable rubber grip.

Off the shelf, F2C Pro comes tuned and ready to use. If you are starting a new business, you will like its 110-volt electrical system. It works well with most standard outlets. It also has a grounded US-standard plug that is safe for day-to-day use. You also get a powerful element (1000 watts) and adjustable temperature (32-430F)/time (0-999 seconds) controls.

Our Verdict

F2C Pro is a versatile 5-in-1 digital heat press with an adjustable height system that works well. You can fit and transfer images from T-shirts easily. It also fits bulky items such as bags with minimal effort from its users. Its performance is also desirable. Fitted with a long power cord, for instance, you can install and use it in most areas of your home or office. You also get adjustable time and temperature settings and a powerful 1000-watt element that lasts for long. 


  • Adjustable height (13.5-17-inches)
  • Long power cord (4.5 feet)
  • Grounded US standard plug
  • Adjustable time and temperature
  • Powerful 1000-watt element


  • Heavy lid (hard to open)

7. F2C Digital Clamshell Heat Press

F2C Digital Clamshell is a good addition in homes and businesses. If you have used several brands that have let you down over time, this is a better option. Its element has a power rating of 1200 watts. At full capacity, you can handle both simple and complicated projects effortlessly. It also has a power-efficient electrical system (110 volts) and a convenient plug-and-use design that most people like. As most products that we have talked about, this clamshell heat press as has an adjustable time (0-9999s) and temperature (0-200C) range.

The quality of the platen of your heat press of choice determines the experience you get while it is in use. Low-grade ones crumble under pressure. They also damage garments often. -Expect better results with F2C T-shirt heat press. Made of aluminum, its 15×15-inch platen is a good conductor of heat. It is also large and has a silicon pad that resists 250-degree heat.

Whenever you are transferring images or characters to fabrics, you do not have to monitor time and temperature manually. This heat press’s fully digitized system does these for you. It tracks temperature automatically. It also tracks time and lights a signal when transfers are complete. It also has adjustable pressure and a self-balancing technology that keeps it flat.

With F2C, you will never worry about personal safety or the safety of your products for three major reasons. First, its thick and non-stick platen maintains a stable temperature. The risk of it overheating is almost zero. It also secures and transfers prints on most fabrics without damaging them. Second, this is a stable heat press. It does not wobble over time. Finally, F2C has a novel dual electric system that improves its safety further during its operation.

Our Verdict

With this F2C Digital Clamshell, you get one of the best heat presses in the market. Compared to other brands, it stands out in many ways. Made of steel, for instance, its frame is not only sturdy but also durable. It does not shift easily whilst in use. It also supports a lot of weight without buckling under stress. The digitized pressure, time, and temperature settings that it has are also ideal. Depending on the type of material you are working on, you can customize its performance to suit your needs. 


  • Sturdy solid steel frame
  • Fully digitized settings (time and temperature)
  • Adjustable pressure settings
  • Spacious platen (15×15-inches)
  • Conductive aluminum plate


  • Lacks swing away feature
  • Low temperature (up to 200C)

8. Zeny Pro Heat Press

Recommended for professional use, Zeny Heat Press is a premium press with a versatile 6-in-1 design. For the price of one, you get a versatile day-to-day press with six advanced functions. As most products that we have listed, its digitized system is convenient. You do not have to tinker with manual settings to get it to work well. Finally, is space-efficient design has an adjustable multi-spring balancer and a selectable temperature scale (both F and C).

Even though smaller than some of our recommended heat presses, the heat press delivers good results. Its well-engineered 12×15-inch platen fits and transfers prints on most types of T-shirts. It is also spacious and fitted with a thick (4/5-inch) Teflon-coated heating board that distributes pressure evenly across your items. This improves the quality of its transfers.

Most heat presses only transfer images on flat items such as garments and plates. This is not the case with Zeny Pro. In addition to its quality platen, you get an upgraded aluminum cradle (alloy) for securing mug elements. It also has a mug press and a hat press that work well. In your business, you can produce many quality items without spending a lot of money.

Even though commercial-grade, Zeny Pro is an affordable heat press. Whether you are cost-cutting or want to improve the productivity of your business on a budget, it works best. It is also easy to use. You also get a low maintenance heat press that offers value for cash.

Our Verdict

Do not confuse this heat press’s compact design for a weakness. If you are on the market for a dependable heat press that does not clutter space, it is one of the best models to buy. Made of steel, its frame is not only sturdy but also durable. The Teflon platform, mug press, and heat press that you get are professional-grade, while its power-efficient design is excellent for start-ups. 


  • Compact and clutter-free
  • Upgraded aluminum cradle
  • Efficient hat and mug presses
  • Teflon-coated platform (12×15-inches)
  • Thick (4/5-inch) heating board


  • Poorly translated manual
  • Awry smell when heated

9. ePhotoinc Digital Heat Transfer Press

Are you planning to improve the capacity of your T-shirt printing business? Instead of hiring three or more workers and paying them bumper salaries, buy ePhotoinc New Digital heat press instead. This is an affordable product. It will lower your operating expenses and boost your profit margin. This heat press is also easy to use. Whether you are a hobbyist or have a professional printing business, you will use it on a day-to-day basis without major issues.

Do you produce custom printed T-shirts and mats in your business? Do you make custom printed bags, IDs, and or jigsaw puzzles that you sell for profit? Forget about the slow screen printing technique that you use. This digitized ePhotoinc heat press will serve you well. It has a spacious platen (15×15 inches). With one, thus, you will print most items effortlessly.

Even though this presses affordability has attracted it positive reviews online, most people like its performance as well. Forget about the smudged prints that your current heat press transfers of garments or mats. EPhotoinc delivers crisp and clear results. You can even adjust its pressure range (full) and temperature (0-500F) settings to get custom results.

Made using heavy-duty stainless steel, ePhotoinc New Digital is a durable heat press. During transportation and or operation, it withstands physical abuse well. It also resists rust and corrosion and has a tip-proof design that you can use safely. Buy an original product and follow its instructions well to get a safe and fun-to-use heat press for T-shirts and mats.

Our Verdict

Buy ePhotoinc online to get a digitized heat transfer press with a convenient plug-and-use design. You do not require a lot of skill to set up and or use this product. The quality of its components has also attracted it a lot of interest all over the world. Buy yours today. It is spacious. It also has adjustable pressure and temperature. 


  • Heavy-duty stainless steel frame
  • Plug and use design
  • Spacious (15×15 inches) platform
  • Full-range pressure adjustment system
  • Adjustable temperature settings (0-500F)


  • None

10. SuperDealUsa Digital Heat Press

The best T-shirt heat presses have eliminated the need for screen-printing. Because of them, people have also forgotten about the traditional ink transfer protocols that frustrate industrialists. This digitized SuperDealUSA one, for instance, is a commercial-grade item with a precise time setup. It has a gross power of 1200 watts. With one, you will handle most types of printing jobs well. Its time range is 99 seconds. Finally, because this heat press from SuperDealUsa has an adjustable temperature (0-200C), it supports many materials.

SuperDealUsa comes with a sturdy work table. Measuring 15×15-inches, it is also spacious. You can easily fit a T-shirt or a mat on it and transfer up to 38×38 centimeter prints without breaking a sweat. Moreover, made of aluminum, its Teflon coated surface also distributes heat well to transfer heat faster and better on most types of fabrics. You will like this press.

The versatility of this digitized T-shirt heat press from SuperDealUsa is desirable. Apart from transferring pictures on T-shirts and other garments, it also transfers characters and silhouettes well. You can also use it to make jigsaw puzzles and print numbers, letters, and symbols on flat plates or ceramics. No matter the material, you get good results every time.

Are you tired of making screens and or mixing paints whenever you are printing T-shirts? To get good results without breaking a sweat, but a new SuperDealUsa heat press today. This device is easy to use. Because of its clamshell design, you can load and remove items on its platen easily. Adjustment of its pressure is easy, while its digital time and temperature controls are convenient. You do not have to guess or struggle with its settings when printing.

Our Verdict

This digital heat press from SuperDealUSA has a heat-resistant silicone pad that works well. If you have used brands that heat up slowly or burn fabrics often, you will like this one. It is super-efficient. You also get easy to use temperature and time controls that you can use to boost its performance further. Unfortunately, unlike some brands that print on mugs as well, this one only prints T-shirts. Pros

  • Heat resistant silicone pad (350 degrees)
  • Integrated electric control system
  • Convenient clamshell design
  • Time and temperature controls


  • Not compatible with mugs
  • Losses pressure easily

How to Choose the Best T-Shirt Heat Press Machine

Heat press machines have grown in popularity over the years. To get the best for personal and or commercial use, here is a detailed guide on how to identify good quality products.

 Platen: The platen of a T-shirt heat press machine determines the types of products that you can make. Check its size before buying a new machine. Will it fit the types of T-shirts that you are planning to make? You should also check its structure. Does it have a heat-resistant coating? Heat presses with high-grade platens transfer prints fast and efficiently.

 Size: Even though often ignored, the size of the heat press your buy is important. If you have a small business premise, for instance, buy a product that will fit comfortably. An overly large model might fail to serve you as you desire. Moreover, bulky T-shirt printing machines are cumbersome and somewhat hard to use. A manageable product will serve you better.

 Safety: Wherever there are heat and electricity, safety is often an issue. Keep this in mind when shopping for the best T-shirt heat press. Check if your product of choice has an auto-shutoff feature. This prevents overheating. It should also have a steady design with quality parts.

 Power Output: What is the temperature range of the T-shirt heat press that you are planning to buy? What is its time range? These two features determine the types of materials you can work on. They also affect the quality of the prints that heat presses transfer on T-shirts. For the best experience, look for a product with adjustable temperature and time settings.

 Add-Ons: When shopping for a new T-shirt heat press, choose a model with as many add-on features as possible. For instance, apart from printing quality t-shirts, a model that can print on mouse pads and mats will serve you better. You should also look out for mug holders. The demand for the best travel mugs and tumblers is at an all-time high globally.


T-shirt printing is a lucrative business for both men and women. To run a successful venture, however, quality is key. Buy the best T-shirts for women or men from your favorite store. You should also ditch your screen printing technology for one of the best T-shirt heat press machines we have reviewed. They are fast. They also transfer images on most materials.

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