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When you are looking for an outdoor ping pong table, you need to consider how durable the table is especially since it will be exposed to different weather effects. You need to look at the material used in making the table. The other aspects you need to put into consideration are such as the legs and safety features among other factors. Some of the best ping pong outdoor tables currently in the market include:

BUTTERFLY Playback RollawayGreat value for your moneySee Price
KETTLER Axos 1 W/ Outdoor Accessory BundleFold-able and safeSee Price
STIGA VaporSturdy with a fold-back designSee Price
HARVIL Outsider Ping Pong TableModernized designSee Price
JOOLA Outdoor TR W/Net SetEasy assembly and setupSee Price

BUTTERFLY Playback Rollaway

If you are looking for a ping pong table that you can use both indoors and outdoors, then the BUTTERFLY Playback Rollaway table is the ideal table for you. This table comes with a synthetic laminate top (SLT). The table comes with two safety levers strategically placed on either side of the table. These levers provide a reliable and dependable child safety feature. The most beneficial aspect of the table is that the table folds into a storage position without having to remove the posts and net.

Great value for your money

The BUTTERFLY Playback Rollaway table is a reliable and durable table with reinforced strength and performance. The SLT cover on the table does not wear out quickly even with continued exposure to adverse weather effects. The legs are strategically placed in an indented position at the ends of the table to prevent them from causing distractions to the players.

Child safety feature with 2 safety levels on the table’s sides
Can be stored without removing the net
Durable and waterproof synthetic laminate top
Portable due to its sturdy wheels
The wheels wear out quite fast; they are not durable
The plastic parts for attaching the net are prone breakage

KETTLER Axos 1 W/ Outdoor Accessory Bundle

The KETTLER Outdoor Table comes with a durable waterproof design with a non-glare aluminum top and a unique ALU-TEC (climate control) underside. The sturdy design and construction of the table also feature galvanized steel legs with excellent corrosion resistance. What is more amazing about the table is that the table has a tournament-quality bounce designed to withstand high impact plays.

Fold-able and safe

The classic engineering used in this KETTLER Outdoor Ping Pong table makes it possible for the table to withstand the harsh rays of the sun without getting damaged. For easy movement and storage, the table features 4.5” dual-wheeled casters. The safety-fold lock in the table makes it possible to prevent unwanted opening or closing of the table. If you want to play solo, you can fold one-half of the table up to perfect your playing skills.

Dual wheeled casters for increased portabilityPlayback folding positionHas safety fold locksGalvanized steel legs that are rust resistantAssembling the table may be challenging for beginners and amateurs


STIGA has a great reputation for designing and constructing solid ping pong equipment and tables. This outdoor ping pong table by STIGA comes with silk screens on its tops for added protection and resistance against weather effects. The table boasts of featuring a composite aluminum (plastic) construction that enables the table to resist warping and other effects it may be exposed to. The table weighs 140Lbs and comes with trolley system wheels for easy mobility. The powder-coated (metal) undercarriage is rust resistant and as such, the table can be used even in moist conditions.

Sturdy with a fold-back design

If you like playing alone to polish your ping pong skills, then you can consider purchasing this STIGA outdoor table due to its fold-back design. The frame chassis features sturdy steel legs and 4 leg levers that provide added support to the table. The table has a great bounce that enhances the playing experience. Setting up the table is quite easy and takes as little as 20 minutes.

Rust-resistant undercarriageWarp resistant topAnti-tilting locks
High bounce quality
Set up may be too complicated for beginners
When storing the table, you have to remove the net

HARVIL Outsider W/Accessories

If you are a recreational ping pong player, then you should consider getting this JOOLA Outdoor Ping Pong Table. Like other high-quality outdoor ping pong tables, this table features a 22 mm sandwich aluminum plate surface. The plastic frame thickness is 50mm that adds structure to the surface while keeping the weight of the table down to be easier in transporting. The table’s metal undercarriage is powder-coated and boasts of rust-resistant properties. The table has double anti-tilting gadgets and locking devices firmly reinforced on the 4-inch mobility wheels in the table for added strength, stability, and safety.

Easy assembly and setup

It requires less than twenty minutes to assemble and set up the outdoor ping pong table. What is more amazing about the table is that you can assemble it in a playback position for a solo training session. The even top has a superior bounce that influences a pleasant playing feel and experience. You can adjust the levelers on the table’s to balance it when playing in an uneven ground or raise it to your desired height.

Easy to assemble and set upPortable and conveniently mobile
Weather resistant topAnti-rust resistant coated undercarriage
Complicated storage as the net has to be unscrewed
The top is not scratch resistant

Before settling for any outdoor ping pong table, it is necessary to ensure that you consider the conditions that the table will be exposed to in the playing environment. This enables you to choose a table that will be favorably suitable to your playing needs and resistant to the damaging conditions and effects it is exposed to. After all, we hope this article can help you to choose the best outdoor ping pong paddle for your own.

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