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There are a lot of types of ping pong paddles in the market. These paddles come in different designs, features, specifications, brands, modifications and customization among other variations. Paddles also cost differently depending on brand, make, and quality. When shopping for these paddles, it is necessary to know the factors to look out in the best and most unique paddles with superior quality. Here are some of the best ping pong paddles:

DHS A5006Perfect weightSee Price
DHS 4002 Professional (Quick-Attack) X Series CarbonUnique constructionSee Price
Killerspin JET700Amazing speed and superb controlSee Price
Killerspin JET500Exceptional gripSee Price
Butterfly 603Amazing designSee Price
Killerspin JET600Enjoy increased powerSee Price
STIGA Pro CarbonPerfect weight balanceSee Price
Killerspin JET800 SPEED-N1Killerspin rubberSee Price
Killerspin JET400Designed for all playersSee Price
DHS HURRICANE-II TournamentWell designed and builtSee Price

DHS A5006 – Penhold

DHS is popular for making finely designed paddles that come with characteristic specifications and features. The A5006 Table Tennis Paddle from DHS is made using 5 ply professional kinds of wood all-round. The loop has a quick-attack feature with an all-round performance that combines speed and control. The rubber in the paddle is either red or black pimples.

Perfect weight

The A5006 ping pong paddle is designed for use by both beginners and intermediate table tennis players. The paddle has a perfect weight as it is neither too heavy nor too weight. This makes it ideal to use the paddle while playing for fun and even professionally. In addition to this, the paddle has good speed, perfect spin, and easy control.

Perfect weightMade using quality woodCombines speed and controlVery durableDoesn’t favor players with a light spin

DHS 4002 Professional (Quick-Attack) X Series Carbon – Shakehand

If you are looking a professionally designed paddle of superior quality and excellent finishing, then this wonderful DHS Professional X Series Ping Pong racket is the paddle to buy. When playing ping pong using this racket, it is possible to notice significant improvement particularly if you have been using other sub-standard paddles. This long handle paddle features a bigger design for a greater sweet spot and easy control.

Unique construction

The construction of this X Series paddle features a carbon material reinforced with classic rubber and carbon fiber for added strength and durability. When using this paddle, you can be guaranteed to experience the unique speed and superb convenience of using a high-end paddle.

Great qualityPerfect suitableGives incredible ball controlRubber stickiness produces spinsRubber gets dirty quite easily

Killerspin JET700

The Killerspin JET700 Ping Pong Paddle is specially designed for aggressive table tennis players. The paddle is engineered with 7 classic layers of creatively chosen woods. This meticulous paddle employs great innovation and creativity to produce a premium-quality paddle with a classy sports apparel. This paddle is an aesthetical gear for ping pong paddle with a competition-level playing experience. The most noteworthy aspect about this paddle it has a large sweet spot.

Amazing speed and superb control

Players who use this paddle enjoy great speed, excellent control, and perfect spin. This ITTF approved ping pong paddle has a wooden side table that reinforces the rubber pads on the paddle. The paddle is an upgrade to most paddles in the market and has an exceptional playing experience.

Great power and nice spinSuperior qualityOffers great controlUnique playing experienceThe rubber gets dirty quite fast

Killerspin JET500

The JET500 paddle is a high-quality paddle that is designed for beginners and advanced players. The paddle prides itself in having balanced speed, superior control, and exclusive spin. The paddle allows players to utilize each of these aspects for a classic playing experience. What is more amazing about the paddle is that it provides its users with a chance to develop their skills thus enabling them to dominate their opponents.

Exceptional grip

This Killerspin JET500 Ping Pong Paddle comes 5 layers of complimentary wood for increased speed and power. While using this paddle, you can be guaranteed to enjoy increased speed, heavy spins, spin shots, and a high degree of ball control. The rubber in this ping pong paddle is high-tech and designed to resist wear and tear.

Exceptional gripMassive power6.7mm blade thicknessFlared handle for exceptional gripThe rubber in the paddle needs to be cleaned regularly

Butterfly 603 – Shakehand

The Butterfly 603 Ping Pong Paddle has thick rubber on both sides of the paddle. The rubber provides players with amazing speed and spin. The weight of the paddle feels good in the hands when playing thereby allowing players to enjoy great spin and perfect ball control. The paddle is easily controllable due to its light weight and handle length.

Amazing design

The amazing design of the racket makes it a great choice for both beginners and advanced players. The fascinating thing about this paddle is that it makes it easy to control speed and spin. The rubber on the paddle is quite strong and long lasting such that it enables players to use the paddle for long without any decline in quality and performance.

Ideal for both beginners and advanced playersHigh-quality rubberEasily controllableLight-weightColorway needs improvement

Killerspin JET600

For ping pong players looking for a competition level paddle, then this Killerspin JET600 paddle is the best paddle to get. This ITTF approved paddle features a 2 mm thick (high-tension) rubber and a 5-professional ply-wood blade. In addition to this, the paddle comes with a 6 mm lightweight thickness that provides for a balanced control of the paddle and aggressive play.

Enjoy increased power

The JET600 paddle is created for use by both intermediate and advanced players. The premium rubber in the paddle combines sufficient spring and a soft-feel to replicate the best playing experience. This makes it effortless and reliable to use the paddle for competitions as well as for playing for fun.

Amazing spinCan be used by all types of playersSubstantially lightClassy design and styleDurability is subject to proper use and maintenance

STIGA Pro Carbon

STIGA has a good reputation for designing and making classy ping pong paddles with exceptional features and unrivaled performance. The Pro Carbon paddle is engineered using a unique carbon technology that provides the paddle with unmatched speed and power. There are two layers of carbon composites engineered in the paddle’s blade for improved rigidity.

Perfect weight balance

This STIGA paddle comes with a perfect weight balance which enhances the control and spinning effect of the paddle. What is more amazing about the paddle is that the ultra-light rubber used in its design allows for maximum elasticity and superb control. The recess in the paddle’s handle provides an added sensitivity to touch.

Good quality rubberAwesome speedGood spin
Perfect weight balance
Poor grip

Killerspin JET800 SPEED-N1

If you are looking for the ultimate professional-level ping pong paddle, then this Killerspin JET800 SPEED-N1 paddle is the paddle for you. Uniquely engineered with 7 complimentary wood layers and two carbon layers on the blade, this paddle possesses great strength and exceptional power. The two carbon layers also reduce the paddle’s weight while at the same time providing an all-round powerful paddle.

Killerspin rubber

The JET800 is a definitive paddle for players seeking to have an absolute advantage and style over their competitors. The high-tension rubber used in designing the paddle provides for the paddle’s increased spin and speed.

Amazing extra speedExcellent spinningGood controlHigh-quality buildLacks a protective screen round the paddle

Killerspin JET400

The Killerspin JET400 Ping Pong Paddle takes playing table tennis a notch higher with its premium wood blade and ITTF approved rubbers. The paddle is specially designed for players seeking to utilize the aspects of a dynamic play style. This makes it easy for players using the paddle to conquer and rise above the competition of their opponents. The paddle has a 1.8mm (high-tension) Nitrx-4Z rubber.

Designed for all players

The JET400 is designed for use by all players: both pro players and amateur ping pong players. Like other Killerspin paddles, the JET400 boasts of incredible power, a medium thickness blade and a flared handle for a perfect feel and easy control.

Premium wood bladeGreat quality paddleGreat speedPerfect spinRubber gets dirty quite fast

DHS HURRICANE-II Tournament – Shakehand

This DHS HURRICANE-II paddle is uniquely suited for use in championships and tournaments. The paddle is made using top quality rubber and wood and comes with a long handle. The paddle has an incredible grip that allows players to comfortably and securely hold the paddle in the hands while playing. The weight balance of the paddle is evenly distributed throughout the paddle thereby making the paddle considerably lightweight.

Well designed and built

This DHS HURRICANE paddle is a respectable and stylishly designed paddle that is equally durable and resistant to wear and tear. The paddle comes in a nice package that also features two table tennis balls. The spin and speed of the paddle are perfect thus making it ideal to use the paddle even in competitions and tournaments in addition to recreational playing.

Light-weightSuperior qualityExcellent speed and controlHigh-quality rubber and woodThe rubber in the paddle easily gets dirty thus needs regularly

When purchasing your preferred ping pong paddle, it is necessary to ensure that you research on the best make, model, and quality in the market. This goes a long way in enabling you to get the best playing experience and enjoy using the paddle for as long as possible. After all, I hope you can know What is the best ping pong paddle for you.

Ping pong paddles for beginners are specially designed and uniquely constructed to meet the needs of all players. These paddles use the high-end material for enhanced durability, additional strength, lightweight but sturdy construction and good spin & speed balance. These paddles are also designed to suit different playing styles depending on the needs of every player.

BUTTERFLY 8827 (Timo Ball)Ideal for powerful and more consistentSee Price
PALIO Expert 2Good quality and bounceSee Price
BUTTERFLY 401 ShakehandTremendous spin and ideal for recreational playingSee Price
KETTLER HALO 5.0 (Indoor/Outdoor) Ping Pong BundleComes with an ergonomic handleSee Price
Urparcel DHS (#A4002, Shakehand)Fairly thick rubberSee Price

BUTTERFLY 8827 (Timo Ball)

This Timo Ball paddle by Butterfly is designed for serious recreational players looking forward to improving their playing skills and bettering their game. The paddle comes with a Pan Asia rubber on both hitting surfaces for a smooth and even hitting platform. This rubber also provides a perfect balance between spin and speed, thereby providing players with better control of the ball.

Ideal for powerful and more consistent

When using this Timo Ball paddle, you can be guaranteed to enjoy an amazing playing experience. This is because the additional carbon fiber on the rubber makes it possible for players to hit the ball consistently and with greater power while playing. The paddle has a perfect weight thereby allowing players to hit better and play for long without getting tired.

Uniquely designed for serious recreational playersGood spin and speed balanceIdeal for consistent & powerful attacksLightweightThe rubber’s tackiness wears off quite fast with repeated use.

PALIO Expert 2

If you are looking for an expertly designed table tennis racket, then you should look no further than at this PALIO Expert 2 paddle. Designed and manufactured through the exclusive collaboration between Expert and Palio table tennis, the paddle features very high-end rubber. The hitting blade is uniquely constructed to provide players with a better playing experience and enhanced control. This PALIO Expert paddle is perfect for beginners as it allows them to improve on their spin and speed.

Good quality and bounce

This paddle for beginners beats other paddles on the market by far in terms of quality, spin, speed, and bounce. When using this paddle to improve your playing skills, you will definitely enjoy using the paddle. This is because it allows you to improve your game wholly, from hitting accuracy, power, spin, and speed. The paddle is very useful in enabling players to master the essential aspects of making perfect strokes.

Great spin, speed, and controlPerfect quality and bounceComfortable handleIdeal for beginners and intermediate playersThe glue on the rubber wears off with time

BUTTERFLY 401 Shakehand

BUTTERFLY is a well-established ping pong paddle brand popular for producing top quality rackets. In line with this, the 401 Shakehand from Butterfly is an incredible choice for players looking for a classy beginner’s paddle. With extremely tacky rubber (on both hitting surfaces), the paddle offers players high spin, great control, and speed. Additionally, the paddle also provides players with a perfect springy feeling after contact with the ball. This makes the playing experience even more enjoyable.

Tremendous spin and ideal for recreational playing

If you are a recreational ping pong player with a keen interest in becoming a pro, then this is the perfect paddle for you. Its super unique design maximizes on the player’s hitting force thereby allowing players to use little energy for powerful and consistent attacks. The paddle also prepares players to get used to advanced playing techniques with greater ease. This is because of its high-quality construction and sturdiness.

High-quality construction and very sturdySpringy feelPerfect spin, control, and speedLarge sweet spotThe handle is a little too rounded

KETTLER HALO 5.0 (Indoor/Outdoor) Ping Pong Bundle

This KETTLER HALO 5.0 paddle is made using a lightweight and high impact designs which provide unique weather resistance and exceptional durability. The paddle features a high-performance (air channel) core that accounts for the paddle’s added flex which in turn creates a trampoline effect. The synthetic rubber on the paddle is smooth thereby providing players with greater control and speed ideal for powerful shots.

Comes with an ergonomic handle

The best aspect about this paddle is that it comes with being ergonomic handle that provides a perfect and firm grip. This allows players to use the paddle for long durations without straining their hands or getting the uncomfortable stinging feeling in the hands. Since the paddle is specially designed for competitive playing, it provides players with excellent spin and consistent bounce.

Lightweight hence not tiring to the handsVery durable and weather resistantErgonomic handle protects the hands from vibrationsAdded flex due to the air channel hence a trampoline effectThe handle is a bit small for people with big hands

Urparcel DHS (#A4002, Shakehand)

Made from 7 pure plywood, this Urparcel DHS Shakehand paddle boasts of a solid and sturdy construction. Despite being a beginner’s paddle, the racket is also perfect for competitive playing and can thus be used by professional ping pong players. The paddle has a perfect bounce due to the tacky rubber on either side of the hitting surfaces. What is much unique about this racket is that it is easy to control and offers good spin.

Fairly thick rubber

The fairly thick rubber in this DHS ping pong racket makes it possible for the paddle to generate great spins thus providing an amazing playing experience. The handle is nicely designed thus allows players to grip the paddle comfortably and firmly in the hands while playing. The paddle prepares players for competitive playing by enabling them to advance their skills accordingly while improving on their weaknesses.

Comfortable and firm gripFairly thick rubber hence better spinSolid & sturdy constructionPerfect for beginners and intermediate playersThe rubber tends to get dusty quite fast

When looking for the ideal beginner’s ping pong paddle, it is advisable to consider a good brand that is nicely designed and durable. Further, you should look for a brand that suits your playing needs and helps you to polish on your weaknesses. Most beginner paddles are designed to enable you to play ping pong better and master most skills perfectly before advancing to competitive playing.

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